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Do you want to tune to the Telemundo channel on your Roku devices? Are you looking for a complete Telemundo activation guide? Here you go with this post!

Telemundo is a famous Spanish-language channel in the United States. You can find content related to sports, entertainment, movies, shows, news, and what not.

Here, in this article, we will tell you the complete process of activating Telemundo on Roku. So, read the complete post and get the Telemundo channel on your device!

More About Telemundo

Activate Telemundo On Roku
TypeFree to air television services
CountryUnited states
HeadquartersMiami, Florida
Channel languageSpanish

What Are The Requirements For Activating Telemundo On Roku?

Here is the list that will tell you about the requirements of Telemundo activation. Just go through the given list and make sure you have it all before proceeding further.

  1. You should have a Roku device for this activation.
  2. Your Roku account credentials are necessary for the login.
  3. Your devices should be connected to a strong internet connection.

How To Activate Telemundo On Roku?

Telemundo activation requires adding Telemundo on to the home screen and then activating it. 

Below given is a complete guide to activate this channel on your devices. Just go through the steps and follow them as mentioned.

There are two ways to add Telemundo on to the home screen- using browser and using Roku channel store. 

Adding Telemundo To The Home Screen From Browser

  1. To add Telemundo to the home screen, go to the Telemundo channel store.
  2. Next, tap the ADD button on the screen.
  3. After this sign in to your Roku account with the login credentials. 
  4. You can now see the channel on the home screen.

Adding Telemundo to the Home Screen using Roku Channel Store

  1. Open your Roku device and reach the home page.
  2. Scroll for the streaming channels and go to the channel store.
Activate Telemundo On Roku
  1. Search Telemundo using the search bar. 
  2. Add the channel on the screen by tapping the add channel button.
  3. Next, launch the Telemundo channel.

Activating Telemundo On Roku

After you successfully add the Telemundo channel on the home screen of Roku, you can begin with the activation process.

Follow the activation procedure given below:

  1. After the channel opens, click on the more button available on the right side of the page.
  2. Select the MY PROFILE option and click on the SIGN IN tab.
  3. Log in with your NBCUNIVERSAL credentials.
  4. After your successful login an activation code will appear on your screen. Keep a note of this activation code for future.
  5. Now, using any browser visit the Telemundo activation page at (make sure your Roku device and your browser uses the same source of network)
  6. An activation page will be in front of you asking you to enter your activation code.
  7. Enter the activation code mentioned in step 5 and hit the continue button.
Activate Telemundo On Roku
  1. Next, you will be asked to sign up for your profile. Enter all your details and read all the terms and conditions.
  2. Finally choose the TV provider from the list and hit the FINISH button.
  3. Return to the Roku device and you can see the Telemundo channel getting activated after some buffering.
  4. That’s all. You can enjoy a number of programs and events through this channel.
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Highlights Of The Telemundo Channel

  1. You can get access to numerous Telemundo original shows, movies and series.
  2. You can live stream the sports matches, new channels and more after activation. 
  3. There are few subscriptions available for high quality over the air streaming.
  4. Here you will get the option to tag your favorite shows and movies.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What is the list of programs to access using Telemundo?

 Ans:- La Voz, Hexatlón, Caso Cerrado, El Final del Paraíso La Doña, 100 días para enamorarnos, Buscando Frida,

La suerte de Loli, Betty, El Señor de los Cielos, la fea, etc are the programs you can access.

Q2. What is the official link to activate the Telemundo channel?

Ans:- You can visit the activation link at

Q3. What is the link to the official website for Telemundo?

Ans:- You can visit the official website at

Q4. What if I forget the credentials of NBC universal? 

Ans:- In case you forget your credentials for login, go for the options ‘forgot my password’ or ‘forgot my username’. 

Follow the complete retrieval process to get back your account credentials.

Telemundo Customer Assistance and Helpline

  • If you face any issues while activating the channel on Roku then contact the customer support at +1-805-243-0112.
  • To get more information about the Telemundo app, visit

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Final Words

With this we have reached the end of our post, but make sure you never get to the end of your telemundo streaming experience!

Read the complete post if you wish to activate the Telemundo channel on your Roku device. We’d love to hear if this article helped you.

For more questions and queries, please contact us through the comment section.



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