Floribama Shore Season 5 Release Date, Cast List & Plot(Updates 2022)

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The reality shows Floribama shore has been on a watching list of a lot of people. 

The show has three complete seasons till now and each season has gotten huge love. 

The fourth one had to face some problems due to the pandemic, so apparently, it did not come out. 

Now, in order to know about the future of season 4 and season 5, you should check out this page. 

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About Floribama Shore Season 5 Date


During season 4 of Floribama shore, it was halted in between. 

Due to a member catching COVID-19, the shooting of this reality show had to stop. 

Now, from then till now, it has not been started again, so we do not know the future of this show. 

If someday, they decide to restart the shooting of season 4, then there is definitely a chance of season 5 coming. 

So, until that happens, there is no official news of season 5 coming. 

But, if we predict a date, then the shooting would start around the year 2022.

Floribama Shore Season 5 Cast List 


As we said, there is not any news on season 5 yet, so we definitely are not aware of the cast list.

But, the season 4 cast list can be given to you. You should most importantly know about the contestants leaving abruptly and in serious cases. 

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Kortni Gilson apparently left this show due to her mental illness. 

She said that she has been a victim of sexual assault therefore she needs to get away from the cameras. 

Then, Mattie Lynn Breaux came in replacement of her, but she left too and was not there in season 4.

Her reason was also the same – mental health because she apparently faced a lot of backlash from social media on her drunk driving case

Nilsa Prowant also would not come back from season 5 because she is pregnant. 

FAQs- Floribama Shore Season 5

Q1. Is the reality show Floribama shore? 

Ans:- There is not an official claim on the show being cancelled or over. Since fans are demanding season 5, things could take a new turn. 

Q2. What about Floribama Shore season 6 of Floribama shore? 

Ans:- There has not been any news on season 5 yet or the completion of season 4, so talking about season 6 is going to be too soon. 

More About Floribama Shore Season 5

Now, in order to sum everything up that has been said above or till now, season 5 of the Floribama shore show has not been confirmed yet. 

But, it would be more likely to come out in the year 2022 or 2023.

Therefore, as we are at the end of this article, we hope you liked it and found it helpful as well.


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