Copywriting Courses with Certification

Are you a newcomer to the world of copywriting? Or do you want to enhance your skills further?

Well, you’re in luck as you are in the right place.

To start things off, what is copywriting and why does it matter? In simple terms, copywriting is the art of using your words to inform, persuade, and engage readers. Hence, a copywriter is a professional who plans and writes creative content to be used for advertising or marketing purposes.

If you’re confused about how to kick start this journey, worry not, we have compiled a quick list of top 10 copywriting courses available right now to guide you on this journey towards your copywriting goals.

Without any further ado, let’s get the ball rolling!

List of Top 10 Copywriting Courses With Certificate

1. The Strategy of Content Marketing

Platform: Coursera

Offered by: University of California, Davis

Instructors:  Sonia Simone

Ratings : 4.5/ 5

Duration: 19 hours with flexible deadlines

Important Topics Covered: Content Marketing, Strategic Types of Content,Scripting Multimedia Content

Type: Free Certification Course

Register Here: Link

Language of Instruction: English

The Strategy of Content Marketing

After successful completion of this interactive course, learners will be equipped with the necessary skills to achieve their goals in copywriting. A deep understanding of core strategies used by content marketers to meet the needs of their clients is developed. Moreover, students are taught how to develop, organize and implement these strategies efficiently. This course also imparts crucial knowledge on how to write a compelling copy and build a professional brand.

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2. Learning to Write Marketing Copy

Platform: LinkedIn

Instructors: Ian Lurie

Duration: 1 hour and 27 minutes

Important Topics Covered: Marketing Copy, Copywriting, Writing for Various Media

Type: Paid Certification Course

Register Here: Link

Language of Instruction: English

Learning to Write Marketing Copy

This short course taught by the CEO of a digital media company, provides insight into the basics of copywriting in a clear and concise manner. It teaches the students the Do’s and Don’ts of copywriting through 4 modules with in detail explanation of each topic. In addition to this, the tricks to managing a copyediting team and a brand image successfully are also discussed. The course also includes various exercise files to enhance the skills learnt.

3. The Complete Copywriting Course

Platform: Udemy

Instructors: Rob Percival, Tamsin Henderson

Ratings: 4.5/5

Duration: 1 hour and 2 minutes consisting of 17 lessons,

Important Topics Covered: Copywriting, Effective Sales Copy

Type: Paid Certification Course

Register Here: Link

Language of Instruction: English

The Complete Copywriting Course

By the end of the course, students will have gained vital skills necessary to to sell more products and services with the power of words. The instructors also provide personal insight into overcoming writers’ block and writing creative, catchy material. This innovative course intertwined with real-life practical examples acts as the perfect gateway to the world of copywriting. Additionally, even established copywriters can take this course to enhance and/or refresh their skills.

4. Online Copywriting Course with Certification

Platform: IIDE

Instructors:  Anish

Ratings : 4.8/ 5

Duration: 3 hours

Important Topics Covered: Basics of Copywriting, Digital Copywriting, Copywriting Tools & Copy Presentation Techniques

Type: Paid Certification Course

Register Here: Link

Language of Instruction: English

Online Copywriting Course with Certification

This innovative and brief course takes the learner through the basics concepts of copywriting to the working of digital copywriting and social media content creation. This course also introduces the learner to important digital copywriting writing tools like Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, UberSuggests etc. This course inculcates creative writing with marketing in a perfect mix of the two and teaches the students step-by-step on how to achieve the same.

5. Kick-Start a Freelance Copywriting Career

Platform: TCC Academy

Instructors: Konrad Sanders, Nitzan Regev-Sanders, Charlie Kenber, Ella O’Donnell

Duration: 8 courses with no fixed duration and flexible schedules

Important Topics Covered: Introduction to Copywriting, Branding and Marketing, Job Prospects

Type: Paid Certification Course

Register Here: Link

Language of Instruction: English

Kick-Start a Freelance Copywriting Career

A uniquely structured course; this course provides a deep understanding of the world of copywriting in a fun manner. This course helps writers gain serious skills to write like a professional and creative copywriter. It will also enhance the learners’ ability to market themselves. Along with all this, thorough explanations of advanced techniques in the field like SEO copywriting, conversion copywriting etc are also given. All in all, this course is a must do for every aspiring copywriter.

6. Copywriting Course

Platform: TCC Academy

Instructors: Dan, Susana, Johnny, Nevile, Lesley, Mike

Duration: No fixed duration

Important Topics Covered: Introduction to Copywriting, Email Writing, Content Writing, SEO

Type: Paid Certification Course

Register Here: Link

Language of Instruction: English

Copywriting Course

An innovative course designed and taught by top professionals in the field, this course will surely boost any learners copywriting skills to a whole new level. Not only does this course include interesting material on the topics, it also allows access to an entire community of copywriters where you can actively interact and get personal insights from professionals working in the field. The instructors also provide intricate feedback on your work to help you make it better. 

7. Modern Copywriting

Platform: Udemy

Instructors: Evan Kimbrell

Ratings: 4.5/5

Duration: 7 hours consisting of 66 lectures with flexible deadlines

Important Topics Covered: Art and Science of Copywriting, Social Media Copywriting, Copywriting Formulas

Type: Paid Certification Course

Register Here: Link

Language of Instruction: English

Modern Copywriting

Modern copywriting is a course that enables students to get an understanding of the intricacies of copywriting in today’s market. The course provides real life practical examples, case studies and projects to enhance the knowledge of the students. The instructor also shares invaluable tricks and formulas to crack copywriting in a few simple steps. 

8. Become a Professional Copywriter

  Platform: Blackford Centre for Copywriting

Duration: 6 hours  of lessons along with exercises and written material

Important Topics Covered: Becoming a copywriter, Email Marketing, Social Media Writing, Finance, Legal Issues and Employment

Type: Paid Certification Course

Register Here: Link

Language of Instruction: English

Become a Professional Copywriter

Without much hassle, this course is the perfect guide to get comfortable in the world of copywriting. Throughout the entire course, learners are taken through the vital topics in great detail. Live examples, projects, assignments and quizzes are used to enhance the quality of the material. Another unique aspect of this course is that learners get 1:1 tutor support from practising copywriters

9. Professional Copywriting

Platform: Transmedia

Ratings: 4.9/5

Duration: 1 day

Important Topics Covered: Understanding Audience, Writing Headlines and Taglines, SEO

Type: Paid Certification Course

Register Here: Link

 Language of Instruction: English

Professional Copywriting

This short one day course provides students with the skills to write effective marketing content. Taught by professional writers, this course discusses the tested techniques used by them to make their advertising material exceptional. In addition to class content, this course also provides students with the opportunity to bring their own work and get critique by a trained professional with tips on how to improve it.

10. Copywriting & Content Marketing Course

Platform: Udemy

Instructors: Beck Robertson, Tomas Moravek

Ratings: 4.3/5

Duration: 18 hours consisting of 89 lectures with flexible deadlines

Important Topics Covered: Copywriting, Content Marketing, SEO Copywriting, Press Release Copywriting

Type: Paid Certification Course

Register Here: Link

Language of Instruction: English

Copywriting & Content Marketing Course

This course will clear your basics and introduce you to the more complex topics of SEO Copywriting, Blog Post Marketing, Professional Freelancing etc. With highly persuasive lessons with eye-catching animations, the concepts are made clear. In addition to this, various assignments are given to the students to test and enhance their knowledge. 

With that, we have reached the end of our list of the top 10 copywriting courses available online at the moment.  The courses mentioned in this article are hosted by reputed organizations to start your journey today or further enhance your pre-existing skills.

To conclude:

Online courses are the easiest way to start learning, right from the comfort of your home! Learning has never been easier. Now, it’s up to you to seize this opportunity and make the most out of it. Once you complete these courses, you can take up further advanced courses in the field of copywriting. Furthermore, these courses look great on your resume which increases your chances of finding a suitable job.

So, wait no more, pick up your pens and get to writing!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q.1 Is there any scope for good jobs in the field of copywriting?

Ans:- The jobs available to copywriters fall into a variety of brackets. This is because copywriting is at the core of nearly every field. With no copywriters, businesses won’t be able to promote their business and share their messages with their clients. Hence, the need for copywriters is high.

Q. 2 Are online courses actually helpful?

Ans:- Online courses are the best way to gain knowledge of a topic without having to deal with the inconveniences of in-person classes. The best of the best courses can be taken up right from your home!

Q.3 Do the certificates received in online courses hold any value?

Ans:- The certificate received which is a testament to your knowledge can definitely be a plus in your resume which would further help you in finding a suitable job.

Q.4 What are the qualifications required to take these courses?

Ans:- There are no such qualifications required to dive right into the world of content writing. Simple understanding of the language and you’re all set to start your journey!

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