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25 Best Lookmovie Alternatives- Best Movies Streaming Sites 2022

We know that you are fond of watching the live TV series, popular sports, the latest movies

You also know that hundred percent working methods that will let you watch the popular TV show, live sports events around the world, directly on your device.

So, here we are discussing sites like lookmovie website and Lookmovie alternatives site.

What is the Lookmovie Website?

Netflix website is an American online movie database and search engine with a selection of movies and TV shows spanning hundreds of years.

 They offer tools to browse listings by genre, year, and more to help you find just what you’re looking for. is home to more than five thousand movies, 300,000 TV shows, and 150,000 live events including TV, film, and sports.

How to Download Movies and Series From This Site?

  With Lookmovie you can view full-length movies, TV shows, and movies trailers, including features, documentaries, indie films and shorts. 

  Firstly enter keywords from our film database, select a movie or a movie title and a full synopsis appears. You can also scroll down to watch a trailer.

Top 10 Lookmovie Alternatives Site

  So, now we are discussing some safe website which is very helpful for you for finding your favorite TV show and series, popular sports event and the latest movies

Now, we will be describing one by one about all websites each of the above-mentioned.

1. Netflix website

Netflix website

Netflix website is the best online destination for TV. Netflix is the world’s leading Internet television network, announced the launch of Netflix U.S. and Netflix International. 

The shows are now available in 190 countries and territories, which is the largest international launch in history for a streaming service. 

Website link:

2. Prime Video 

Prime Video 

Amazon Prime Video was launched back in November of 2015 and since then has gained a loyal following. Many movie buffs and consumers of TV shows have shifted their interests over to Prime Video.

You can now enjoy movies, TV shows, and TV shows on demand. You can access many movies through Amazon Prime Video. For example, you can watch movies from iTunes and Google Play. 

Website link:

3. website website

Hulu is a digital streaming TV and movie service owned by Disney, Fox, Comcast, and Time Warner. It launched in 2007 and has been expanding as of late. It has a TV service for $7.99 a month, and a movie service for $8.99 a month.

Hulu also has a new deal with NBC Universal to provide access to this network’s shows, which is now included in the $8.99 movie-and-TV service. NBC’s programming includes “Saturday Night Live” and “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

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We can test out the TV service for a week as a part of Hulu’s Summer of Deals promotion. If you’re interested in Hulu, this is a good way to see if you would be interested.

Website link:

4. Pluto tv website

Pluto tv website

Pluto tv website was set up to help users find free TV shows and movies. It was recently acquired by the publicly listed streaming service, Pluto. TV.

It launched in January 2014 and allows users to watch free movies, TV shows, and original content on their computers, Macs, and iOS and Android devices.

Website link:

5. website

. website

Zattoo is the leader in cross-platform TV, providing the finest media content across the globe. connects all video players to deliver the best quality video and interactivity.

Zattoo is the one platform where the video is the king and it works like that because of its AI and NLP-based technology. It uses the power of TV, to get the best experience of the web with the power of mobile in your device.

Website link:

6. 123 movies

123 movies

123 movies and 34 television shows, including such favorites as Spiderman, Frozen and the Star Wars franchise, were altered to conform to standards on short-text internet content.

Website link:

7. Google TV

Google TV

Google TV is designed to enable consumers to surf the Web on their televisions, and it is launching in two components, Nexus Q and a “Google TV Services Platform.

The Nexus Q plugs into your TV’s HDMI jack, while the Google TV Platform runs in remote control with an HDMI plug-in.

The Google TV Services Platform allows third parties to build services.

Website link:

8. Tubi TV

 Tubi TV

     Tubi TV is the world’s largest streaming entertainment service for popular movies, TV shows, documentaries, and animated series. 

      Tubi TV is available on the web, iOS, Android, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV, and is supported by the web, mobile, and OTT streaming platforms such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, Xbox One, and more.

Website link:

9. DuckieTV


Duckie TV is a content studio specializing in the promotion and distribution of short and long-form digital video, is a fully integrated online video network with more than 300 influencers across social networks. 

Website link:

10. HBO now 

HBO now 

HBO Now website you can watch premium HBO content such as Game of Thrones, Westworld, Veep, and Girls – without cable.

Whether you want to catch up on a new episode from season seven or simply binge-watch the entire series with the ability to pause or rewind, HBO Now is for you.

With just one click you can stream HBO Now movies and TV shows and even get a free trial to watch HBO NOW content. 

Website link:



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