Love Life Season 3 HBO Release Date, Cast and Story (Renewal or not 2022?)

Want to watch the latest episodes of Love Life Season 3? Looking for the Love Life Season 3 cast, news, and everything about the series in detail. If yes, then read this article completely till the end.

Have you seen the Love life tv series yet? 

If not, then you should quickly check it out because there are already two seasons of it and the third one is in the news a lot. 

It is a great comedy anthology TV series that has a romance element as well. 

In case you have already watched it, then check out this article till the end because we have talked about season 3.

Love Life Season 3 Release Date (Renewal or Not?)

Season 1 happened in the year 2020 and season 2 happened in the year 2021.

So, technically, if they do not delay then season 3 would most probably be seen in the year 2022.

Although it has to be confirmed by giving some official news, there is no doubt that it would be happening. 

So, since we are already sure that season 3 will happen, we just have to wait for a date and an official statement

Love Life Season 3 Cast & Story News

Love life Season 3 Cast List

Since there is still time for a confirmation on this series’ third part release, we can expect the cast list already. 

Most of the cast would be returning back and you would be seeing some of the new faces too. 

So, check out the list given below – 

  • Anna Kendrick as Darby Carter
  • Zoe Chao as Sara Y
  • Sasha Compere as Mallory Moore
  • Peter Vack as Jim
  • William Jackson Harper as Marcus Watkins
  • Jessica Williams as Mia Hines
  • Comedian CP as Yogi
  • Punkie Johnson as Ida Watkins
  • Jin Ha as Augie Jeong
  • Hope Davis as Claudia Hoffman
  • Janet Hubert as Donna Watkins
  • Jordan Rock as Trae Lang
  • Leslie Bibb as Becca Evans
  • John Earl Jelks as Kirby Watkins
  • Arian Moayed as Kian Parsa
  • Steven Boyer as Josh
  • Scoot McNairy as Bradley Field
  • Maureen Sebastian as Kate Field
  • Nadia Quinn as Lola
  • Gus Halper as Danny Two-Phones
  • Nick Thune as Magnus Lund
  • James LeGros as Larry Carter
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FAQs- Love Life Season 3

Q1. Where can you watch Love life season 2? 

Ans:- You can see all the parts of it along with the upcoming one, on HBO max

Q2. Has the Love life season 2 tv series been cancelled? 

Ans:- No, it has not. Although there is no news of it being cancelled or not, we still are aware of the fact that it might come out with season 3 soon. 

Q3. Do you think Marcus and Mia would ever be together? 

Ans:- Marcus and Mia would eventually find their way back together and would also have a child of their own. So, yes. 

Final Discussion- Love Life Season 3

In order to sum everything up which has been said so far, season 3 of Love life would most likely happen in 2022.

The cast would be the same with some more new faces and a few eliminated ones too. 

So, now that you know everything, we hope you liked this article and found it helpful as well.


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