Netflix Ratched Season 2 Release Date(Latest News)- Cast, and Story

Do you want to watch Ratched Season 2? Waiting to know Ratched Season 2 release date, cast, story? OR if you have watched the Ratched Season 2 trailer and now you could not wait for its release? You will get to know everything about the series in the below article.

Here we will share every detail of Ratched latest season in the below article. So stay tuned till the end to know each detail about the Ratched series.

Have you watched the First part of Ratched, and are totally blown off

The good news for you is that the second part is in the talks right now. 

So, check out this article to know about the details of this dark, suspenseful, ominous, thriller drama series

Ratched Season 2 Release Date News 

Ratched Season 2 

Fortunately for all the fans of this dark series called Ratched, there would be more than one part. 

There would officially be the second part of it. 

Although the news of the exact date has not been yet released, we are guessing it to come in 2022 or by 2023 hopefully. 

But since there is no official news, we cannot confirm anything, but we hope Ratched Season 2 Release date will soon be announced by the creators.  

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Ratched Season 2 Cast, Story & Plots 

In Ratched season 2, most of the cast would be the same as the first part, especially Sarah Paulson (the protagonist of the story). 

Moreover, you might get to see a few new faces as well because the story would involve new characters

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Now, apart from the newbies, you will be seeing these celebs playing the respective characters that they would get – 

  • Cynthia Nixon 
  • Gwendolyn Briggs 
  • Finn Wittrock 
  • Edmund Tolleson 
  • Sophie Okonedo 
  • Brandon Flynn  
  • Judy Davis 
  • Amanda Plummer 
  • Vincent D’Onofrio 

Apart from these, the rest of the cast like Dr. Richard Hanover, etc might be coming back either in form of flashbacks or not at all. 

Watch Ratched Season 2 Latest Episodes 

For now, you can only watch Ratched Season 1 on Netflix as the second part has not come out yet. 

But, once the second one gets out, you will be seeing that as well on Netflix. 

On the other hand, you can check out Telegram applications in case you do not want a paid subscription thingy. 

FAQs – Ratched Season 2 (Latest)

Q1: Is Ratched based on real-life events? 

Ans: Although the whole story is a bit dramatic and purely fictional, the nurse Mildred is not. 

Nurse Mildred Ratched is based on a real person, and also the story has been taken from the novel which came out in 1962.

Q2- Where can you get the Ratched Trailer? 

Ans: For the official trailer of it, you need to use this official link

Q3- What is Ratched Season 1 and the whole plot about? 

Ans: Ratched is basically a cliff-hanging drama series that tells the origin story of asylum nurse Mildred Ratched. 

In 1947, Mildred arrived in the Northern Golden State to hunt for employment at a number one mental institution. 

At finding one, new and unsettling experiments have begun on the human mind.

Conclusion: Netflix Ratched Season 2 

Since we now know that the Ratched Season 2 is going to come, we just have to wait for the official date. 

Till then you can watch Ratched Season 1 on Netflix or any other way like we mentioned above. 

Moreover, there are chances of Ratched season 3 coming if the story needs more space and parts. 


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