Top Boy Season 4 Release Date, Cast News, & Trailer 2022

Did you watch the Top Boy Season 4 Trailer? Want to watch the complete series in binge-watch? Looking for the Top Boy Season 4 release cast and everything about that.

You can read this article completely to know about the series and all its latest updates.

Have you heard the big news about the Top Boy season 4 yet? 

No? Then check out this page till the end because we have added some crazy official news here. 

Fan or no fan, this news would be beneficial for toys because this series is a great one. 

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So, quickly take a look at everything – 

Updated News About the Top Boy Season 4


If you have not heard of it yet, then you should know that season 4 is definitely going to come. 

And, you would not have to wait for too long because it is coming soon. 

Now, if you ask us, is the date confirmed? Then, let us answer you that yes, it has been. 

They have officially said it themselves that it would be coming up on the 18th of March 2022.

That is not too far, right? 

Top Boy Season 4 Cast List


Before you jump right into season 4, just know it’s cast. 

So, the list is given below, but this is not the full cast list because some new faces might enter and there might be a more extended list. 

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Now, take a look – 

  • Ashley Walters as patriarch Dushane
  • Kano (Kane Robinson) as Sully. 
  • Michael Ward as Jamie
  • Little Simz as Shelley
  • Jasmine Jobson as the formidable Jaq.
  • Kenyon Cook as Atz.
  • Opoku Jnr 
  • Araloyin Oshunremi

Since there was a death too, the dead ones would obviously not be returning. 

FAQs – Top Boy Season 4 Release

Q1. How long would Top boy season 4 be? 

Ans:- It would not be too long because it would just have eight episodes under it. 

Q2. Are top boy and top boy summerhouse series different? 

Ans:- No, technically they are not because there is not a difference between them. 

Q3. Where can you check out and watch the Top boy series? 

Ans:- Since it is available on Netflix and telegram (of course), you can choose any mode. One is for free, and the other is a paid subscription. 

So, whatever suits you. 

Q4. What can you expect in top boy season 4?

In the next one, the story would take a huge turn with more uncovered suspense and few answers to previous questions which will leave even more questions for the future. 

All in all, the story would take a good, interesting turn and would pick up from where it left off. 

Final Words- Top Boy Season 4

To sum up, everything that has been said so far, season 4 is definitely happening and it is happening on 18th March 2022.

So, wait till the date, and you will enjoy your time like you thought and imagined. 


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